Date: December 5, 2023

Open Letter to Interested Parties:

X9 is accredited by ANSI to develop and maintain voluntary consensus standards for the financial services industry. (See for additional information). Approximately 5 years ago, the financial community requested that X9 examine the use cases for a private Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) devoted exclusively to this community. A study was completed which uncovered the use cases specified in the attached documents.

Phase 2 of the study was commissioned to develop a PKI Certificate Policy (CP) to promote use case-oriented trust, reliance, and interoperability. Further details on the purpose, goals, and objectives of X9 are included in the CP and other documents that are attached as part of Request for Proposal (RFP).

X9’s business model is somewhat unique and is looking to partner with the right organization that can execute this model. While X9 has created the requirements for the PKI, it is not intending to procure the related services. Instead, X9 PKI participants are expected to provide funding to vendors as they procure the PKI services and X9 will participate in a revenue sharing model, further described in the documents.

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